History of La Dégust

History of La Dégust 2019-04-04T14:43:36+02:00

«  Oyster farmer since 1968, the distinguished Tonneau Family »

1968 : The Tonneau Family (Maurice and Micheline) purchase the oyster and mussel farms

1975 : The finishing pools are completed.

1976 : First sale of products straight from the producer.

1982 : The family business is taken over by the son Jean-Luc Tonneau.

1992 : The building moves from the port to the current location.

1996 : Renovation of building to meet new standards.

2003 : Change of location for some of the farm.

2007 : End of the move from the port and maximum production at 70 tons.

2008 : Beginning of oyster losses.

2012 : La Dégustation stand destroyed by a storm and consequently rebuilt.

2017 : First participation in the CGA de Paris : Silver Medal. Stéphane Mottes obtains shares in the company and becomes Co-Director.

2018 : Second participation in the CGA de Paris : Silver Medal.